2 Pearls 1 Oyster

by Meg on December 15, 2011

Growing up, I was very lucky that each and every winter until I was 18, I would travel down to the Bahamas for 2 weeks to my parent’s timeshare.  Every year, most of our time was spent at the local shops where the tourists did not go and most of our meals were cooked by my mom in the unit.  It was actually rare that my parents would pay for me to do anything remotely touristy – not that I’m complaining, but it was much harder to understand when I was a little girl.

Long before Atlantis was built, there was an aquarium we would sometimes visit called Coral World.  Every year I would ask my mom to pay money for me to be able to pick an oyster to open up and see if there was a pearl inside.  Most years the answer was no until one time that I went with my Grandmother.  She said yes.

The excitement was too hard to contain and I eventually settled on this particular oyster to the right.  I had a good feeling about it.  The man carefully opened the oyster and a smile spread across his face.  He slowly turned the oyster around to reveal that not only was there a pearl in it, but there was two pearls!  Man, was I excited!

Quite a few years later, my mother had them made into earrings when I turned 18.  They’re slightly different in color and size, but when not next to each other, it’s hard to tell.  I’ve only decided to start wearing them again recently after I took out my normal daily “pixel” earrings.  I’ve decided that they are good luck and I could use some right now.

I have no idea how much they’re worth or how common it is to find two in one, but it was a magical moment for a young girl, and one that I’ll never forget.

Me, enjoying coffee and writing this post with the pearls on!


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