91rlh4cks: vol 1

by Meg on June 4, 2009

Middle school: mix tapes
High School: mix CD-Rs (at a whooping 2x starting speed!!)
College: MP3 Player via iTunes or WinAmp (That Really Whips the Llamas Ass!)
Lately: Mux Tapes (was), Last.FM, iMixes etc…

My favorite? Honestly making mix tapes. I always felt like the most love went into those since the most physical labor was involved – but burning CD-R’s in the early days might be a close second due to the slow speed and number of bad discs involved. However, I still have the very FIRST one I made ever (safe at home!)

Now? Well, I still actually DO make mix CD’s (with the vinyl ones!) However, the best way to share a mix tape with 100’s of my friends on the internet is probably an iMix.

In the tradition of mix tapes I used to make for my friends and sisters, I’m bringing back my “Women Mix” – essentially, just a girl has to be on the vocals. (woot).


Girlhack Mix 1 (click me for link to the mix!)
The theme is mostly stuff I’ve been listening to lately – edgier songs as of late with the BONUS of the song that the GirlHack theme song was based on!

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