About Girlhack

GirlHack started as an idea in spring of 2006 during a fateful shopping trip to Target.

This was a period of my life where I didn’t have a lot of money and choices had to be made.  During my routine rounds at my local Target, I picked up both new skirts and Guitar Hero 2.  Heading towards the checkout and surveying my goods, I realized I was going to have to make a choice.  Skirts or the video game? During my fifteen or so minutes of anguish, I stopped and thought, “I’ve had this sort of issue for years, but with the dawn of things like Web 2.0 (aka the old school term for social media), there must be more girls who have stepped into this world where tech goodies compete with girly purchases!”

All I really wanted was some girls that I could talk to about this dilemma.  Normally (and mostly still the norm), I have to go to my guy-geek friends and discuss with them the merits of a “geek” purchase and is it worth the money vs the technical stats.  Then, I need to send pictures of girly things (like the skirts) to sisters and girl-friends and rate things on how cute they are and what else will match with said girly item.  The cross over was and still is a rare event, but I’m hoping to be an example that it’s cool to get your girl and geek on at the same time!

It wasn’t until a few months later after I came with the idea that I arrived at the name, GirlHack.  I wanted a name that spoke to both sides of me doing stereotypical girly things alongside stereotypical geeky things in a non-stereotypical way.  The “hack” part of the name is: part homage to real life computer hackers, part poking fun at “modding” girls to make them more geeky, and part awesome.  The “girl” part of the name is hopefully obvious.


Meg Campbell

About The Editor: Meg Campbell

Prior to launching Girlhack.com, Meg had a career in Digital Video starting with the Creative Marketing Department at Fox Searchlight. Most recently, she was at iTunes in Cupertino, working with all of the major Hollywood movie studios to ensure their content would go live on the iTunes store.

Choosing to leave Apple on her own, she has spent the last year pursing a few passions such as producing short films and turning Girlhack.com from a hobby into profession.  She still does Digital Video Consulting on the side.