American Girl Dolls and World of Warcraft? The internet knows I’m a girl…

by Meg on January 14, 2009

Edit: Read tongue-in-cheek people!! ;]

The internet machine some how has figured out the “typical boy sites” I visit for they’ve started serving up what I would say are more “girly” ads. It first started during the holiday season when I saw continual Neiman Marcus ads on (which I will take ANY day over the snorg girl or the True match ads – ugh). The Neiman’s ads  caught my eye because the main demographic of I KNOW does not shop at that store. However, it crossed my mind as being possible that Neiman’s may have just done some ridiculous ad buy based upon IP location or something (I guess people in Silicon Valley have money…)  I more or less let the issue rest until browsing and seeing American Girl Doll ads.

Now, I could also easily claim the internet listens to my vent conversations when I go on dungeon raids in World of Warcraft?  “What,” you ask?  Well, one of my favorite female WoWers and I like to remember our favorite childhood “girl” toys to chat about in vent to annoy the guys.  American Girl Dolls have been the subject now of many of these chats (gotta love spamming in guild chat, “AGD 4eva!!”).  We’ve been having these chats on and off since the end of summer (really, nothing better than discussing what accessories you had for Molly while doing 25 man Gruul raids), but then to see AGD ad’s served up on WoWhead blew my mind.  Clearly the internet knows, via things probably like cookies, I am a girl and a girl who likes her WoW and AGD in one bag.  We’ll see about the internet knowing this secret and what comes of it – but man the ad bots are getting smart.  WTF.

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