An Update to my Electronic Arts / Orgins / SWTOR Purchase Experience

by Meg on February 6, 2012

This is an update to “My Horrible Experience Purchasing SWTOR online from Origins & EA

I wanted to provide an update both because I said I would and because it turns out there are some great people at EA. By the next morning following my incident, the EA support, Origins, and an individual EA support staffer had reached out to me to try and correct the situation via Twitter.  I started corresponding with the individual EA staffer.  Note to companies who provide support via Twitter: If your customer can’t articulate the problem in 1-2 tweets, give them a real email address to continue correspondence. Nothing makes me more aggravated than being limited to 140 characters for complex issues.  It also leaves me feeling like the support account for that company doesn’t have any authority and is only there as a cosmetic solution for customers and to keep PR happy.

Thankfully, the guy from EA I dealt with gave me an email address.  I was then able to email him all of the screenshots I had put together.  Note to consumers of any kind: If your stuff starts not working, take pictures, screenshots, video, etc to help document your issues.  This is helpful for anyone who will help you fix it.  He responded by thanking me for the detailed information and asked about what system I was trying to run the Origins client on.  This started a correspondence that is still happening right now, but I’m happy to report a few things:

  • The guy helping me (Delaney), has had great persistence to involve everyone on his end to figure out why this happened.
  • Delaney/EA appears to have a genuine desire to understand why this glitch happened in their system and fix it for future customers.
  • Delaney has been nothing but professional and courteous.

I was able to download the game the next day trying to purchase it again.  It worked the second time and I have been enjoying SWTOR since then, but Delaney/EA appreciated the fact that my first experience was horrendous.  He has offered to add any Origin title to my account that EA fully produces (aka, no Valve).  As he pointed out, BioWare has control over monthly SWTOR fee’s, otherwise I think he would offered me a few free months.

I have yet to pick a game since I’m pretty much all about SWTOR, but the gesture was appreciated.  I’ll let you guys know what I pick!

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