Are GameStop trade ins worth it? My $358 Trade-In and why I did it.

by Meg on July 25, 2011

Massive GameStop Trade InAs it happens with every good geek, you end up undoubtedly collecting a handful of gadgets that you no longer really use.  When you live in one stable place for a long time, it’s pretty easy to hang on to these.  When you move around a lot (like me), you get to the point that you just want to reduce the amount of items you own.  For me these items came to be my DSlite (with 8 games), my PS3 (with no games), Wii Fit Board, my Wii (and 4 Wii Games), and two xBox games.  I just didn’t play them enough anymore to justify keeping them vs how much I’ve used my xbox consistently for the past three years.

I really thought I would take the time to list all of these items on Craigslist or eBay, but about 8 months later, I realized I was most likely never going to do this. Then about a week or so ago, my original Xbox 360 died on me with a classic e74 error.  I totally want to fix my xbox myself and film it, but I use my xbox and kinect a ton and it took about two days before major withdrawal set in.  This is where GameStop, which I assumed would dick me over on trade in value, came into play.

Massive GameStop Trade InI took everything in with the intention of getting store credit.  Fun fact, the Wii is worth just as much as a DSlite.  That fun fact made me hang on to my Wii since I have a handful of DLC games that I would rather keep for $15 vs get rid of them (MegaMan2).  They had a promo that if you traded in 7 or more games, you got an additional 30% on the trade-in value.  You could also get an additional 10% if you signed up for their GameStop PowerUp card and since I had a large total, the yearly fee of $15 would be covered.

At that point it came down to, is it worth it to take the time to list/hopefully sell/ship everything I want to sell and get 10-20% more? Or walk out after 20 minutes with a new xbox.  I clearly went with the later option as my time is of more value.  With all of the promos added, I got $358 store credit.  Enough for a new 250GB xbox and a game!

Another fun fact – Mario titles retain their worth heavily (these include the promos):

  • Tetris for DS  $15 (not Mario, but still good!)
  • Super Mario Galaxy $22
  • Mario Kart for DS $24
  • Mario Kart for the Wii $34
  • Super Mario Brothers DS $24

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