Carrie Bradshaw shoe fettish at my price?

by Meg on June 17, 2009

You can’t watch Sex and the City without hearing about her Jimmy Choo obsession.  As much as I LOVE shoes, I am not spending that much cash on some extra high heels that I could probably wear at max for only an hour.  However, Jimmy Choo is teaming up with H&M to release bags and shoes this fall at 250 H&M stores.  I have to say, I’m intrigued and hope to nab some of these items up to let a little of the inner Carrie out.  I’ve been pretty happy with the “International GO” fashion section at Target and have a number of clothing items from Issac Mizrahi’s collections while he was still designing there.  Yet to check out Vera Wang at Kohl’s (it was there, right?) – but here is hoping for sexy shoes and bags from an fashion icon a la Sex in the City.



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