Cheers to fun design!

by christina on January 30, 2012

Living in such a digitized world, it’s always fun to see something tangible come from my work. Sure, I get the odd brochure or newsletter a client had leftover, but the vast majority of what I design is simply emailed here and there and viewed on a screen. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course – it pays the bills – but it can be fun to see work come to life in the real world.

Case in point: Minne-goat-a (and no…that’s not a spelling error).

A few months ago, I went in to work with a client and on found this waiting for me on my desk:

It's a coozie!

A coozie! And not just any coozie – a coozie with a logo I designed for a co-worker a few weeks prior. Her children are heavily involved in 4H and show, amongst other animals, goats. She had asked for my design opinion on a logo she was creating for their “goat group”. I took a quick peek and offered some suggestions on how to make it better – using a vector image for the goat, picking a more whimsical font, etc. – but realizing it would only take me a few minutes to implement these changes myself, offered to just do it up right for her in Illustrator.
Fifteen minutes later we had a logo she – and more importantly, the other discerning members of the goat-group – loved. I knew they would be using it on their new website and possibly on some show materials, but I never thought I’d see the logo on such a fun schwag item! It totally made my day.


It’s often the most random and minute design project that brings the most joy (and beverage insulation!). Cheers to fun design!

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