Chic Meets Geek event review!

by Meg on December 8, 2009

Every so often, I get the chance to come out of my work shell and attend one of the rare (but growing) “girlhack” type events.  A few weeks ago I was able to go to the “Chic Meets Geek” event held in the old Word Press offices downtown San Francisco.  My friend and PR manager (or so I could only hope!) alerted me to the event via twitter (geek +1).

The events I’ve gone to on a whole tend to swing one way or the other towards geek or chic.  ChicMeetsGeek definitely tipped more on the chic side.  I was a little sad that I was one of the only visible people in a geek shirt!  Alas, this wasn’t really anybody’s fault except those who attended.  According to the event’s founder Carol Tran, she was really hoping for an, “oil meets water” event.  While I think this event was a good step in the right direction, let’s look at the breakdown of points for Chic vs Geek:


SF Opera Members Invited – whom seemed to be the large majority+
Live Jazz Music +
Majority of people in cocktail wear+
Overall lounge atmosphere+
Wine vendor+

Gourmet snacks+

Excellent chic prizes+

Demo area+
Eventbrite invites+
Twitter for event+
Excellent geek prizes+

I think to draw more geeks next time I would put a little more emphasis on some of the geek features at the event!  But it’s baby steps for the community as a whole.  Can’t wait for the next event!

Check out more on Facebook at or follow Carol and her endeavors on twitter @chicmeetsgeek

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