DIY Holiday Candle Votive

by Rae on December 13, 2011

Holiday decorations are a big business affair. Some enthusiasts go all out and sync music with their Christmas lights, while others give a nod, but keep a laid back approach. The rest of us are in-between and want to recognize the winter holiday season in a classy way without getting stressed.

I am a casual DIY crafter and like my projects to be relatively mess-free, quick, and affordable. If you’re a lady who agrees, here is how you can make a festive candle votive in less than five minutes (after acquiring the materials) without any clean-up required:

1. Take inventory for what you already have at home and stock up what you don’t.

I found these extra flat rocks in a bin from owning a betta fish in my college days. You can buy them in a nice-sized bag from a craft store for less than $3.00 or visit your local pet store. You can also use a box of saved buttons, round marbles, and most things decorative and small in great quantity for this purpose.

The votive pictured is actually a small vase that collected dust on a shelf. Empty storage containers, old decorative serving bowls, and the like can be re-used, but a new one in a craft store will also cost less than $3.00, depending on the desired size.

Flameless LED tea lights are best because they last a long time and are safe to leave lit unsupervised. Pier 1 sells these metallic red ones in a 4-pack for $3.95.

Holly garland is not something most people have lying around, so more than likely you will purchase this from a store. I recommend buying in advance of the holiday season or directly after (when everything goes on sale), because prices increase as the end of December looms closer, but they are usually sold in a decent length amount to last you several craft projects. Many other materials are available around this time of year, like wintry, snow-edged pine needles. You can also use fabric, twine, and really create something beautiful and unique. Approximate cost for 1.5 ft was $4.99.

2. Cut the garland, leaving enough length to revolve around the votive several times. Wrap it around the small vase/votive. Garland wound in a circular shape with a slight wiry feel to it works best because you can shape it without needing to use glue or some other bonding agent.

3. Place in the rocks. The tea light can be pushed slightly under, which will create a more ethereal glow, or you rest it on top.

Done! Very easy, right? Store-bought decorative votives usually go for $9.00+, but buying slightly in bulk and creatively using what you already have will allow you to create additional quality decorations for less. Plus, you can save everything or keep certain items to make new decorations in the following year.

Happy crafting!

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