Donate Money and get a picture of your dog!

by Meg on February 9, 2012

This past Christmas, two of my sisters teamed up to donate money to a local Minnesota dog shelter.  They did this so they would get the artist behind WACSO (walking around, checking stuff out), to draw my dog, Admiral Ackbar.  The artist will draw your pet after you donate money to a shelter and then you have the option of buying prints.

You should totally check WACSO out, especially if you’re from Minnesota!  Here is the Facebook page.


“Waiting for the ball to move.”

“I think rescue dogs have better dreams. – Don’t get me wrong, I think all dogs have great dreams: Chasing squirrels, digging in the garbage, going for car rides, etc.  But I think rescue dogs have dreams about how lucky they are to have been saved… and I think they dream about throwing ticker-tape parades for their owners.”

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