Dreaming of Kepler 22b using the most amazing footage of Earth

by Meg on December 9, 2011

Every Star Trek (or general loving Space Fan) did an extreme leap of joy over the news that an “Earth Twin” (Kepler-22b) has been discovered.  (For the record, Kepler comes from the name of the telescope.)  For probably a fair amount of us too, we didn’t even blink at the fact that this new planet is 600 light years away.  It’s there and humans will go there.  We will find a way.  Life finds a way.  Let’s just not destroy our planet first, right?

To help you dream of the day that we fly over the surface of Kepler-22b (who pictures a big naming contest one day before we launch for the planet?), let’s soar around our own planet.  When I found this video though The Week – I scoffed at it being labeled “mesmerizing”.  I was wrong.  Although, the music gets a bit old after about 2 minutes, it’s simply brilliant.  I love Earth… and space.

BEHOLD, our Earth.

Earth -Time Lapse View from Space/Fly Over -Nasa, ISS video by Michael König

YouTube Preview Image

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