Emmy’s Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Reminds Us

by Meg on September 19, 2011

If you were at all like me last night, you actually didn’t watch the Emmy’s but caught up via Twitter.  Or maybe you didn’t watch all.  Either way, us ladies missed out on a great moment on TV, but one that should be shared again with everyone.

While Rob Lowe and Sofia Vergara read the names for the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy category, something unexpected happened.  One by one, starting with Amy Poehler, the women came up as their names were called.  The women lined the stage and held hands like a beauty pageant and when they announced the winner’s name, Melissa McCarthy, they all clapped and hugged her.  None of the scowling your normally see, but happiness for all of the nominees.

Somehow a crown and flowers appeared, which makes me believe that the women clearly planned this out a head of time, but it doesn’t matter.  I read Tina Fey’s book Bossypants and she talked a lot about what it’s like trying to be a female in comedy.  In two words, IT SUCKS.  She talked a lot about how hard it was to even get SNL, let alone her comedy troupe out of Chicago, to let women carry the skits.

I’m also happy to see this after “Bridesmaids” made such a splash this summer.  Women are here and they are funny, stop putting them in the corner in comedies!

Want some more lady comedians that you can check out an support?  Check out the women who made the G-Male Boyfriend video I posted a while ago – Comediva!

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