Etsy Something Geeky Something Girly: Winter Coats

by Meg on January 27, 2012

For those of you who have been long time followers of, you know I LOVE to share great finds from Etsy for Something Geeky Something Girly.  Honestly, what is a better way to find unique items and and support independent artists?  Today’s theme: Winter Coats

#1 Girly
Channel your inner Christina Hendricks

I think this coat has a classic simple feel to it and accentuates the feminine curve.  Plus I love this coat in this shade of red!  The Etsy seller has a few more color options.


#2 Girlhack
Think Battlestar Galactica meets shopping on 5th Avenue.

I have been an ABSOLUTE sucker for coats like these for years but have yet to bite the bullet.  The lines of this coat are fantastic and I may just need to finally procure one for my winter jacket collection.


#3 Geeky
A cloak of a coat – Hermione’s winter coat!

It’s not actually called Hermione’s coat, but clearly the wizzarding type would wear this.  I think it’s a good combo of a poncho / cape feel and also that school girl look.  Like I said, a perfect coat for Hermione!

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