Fashion meets a tech toy for MTvweens and Twilight*

by Meg on June 5, 2009

*I’m pretty sure all the Twilight tween fangrls are going coo-coo over that Twilight dude’s pose with this thing

Last Sunday I had what turned into a very typical high school summerish day. I cleaned my room with the windows open, listened to the radio (MPR’s The Current from @home in Minnesota!), and ended up on the couch flipping through Self Magazines and stumbled upon the MTV music awards. I think it’s the first time in about two years that I watched MTV for more than 30 seconds.

Besides a few of the stunts (good work Sacha), the only neat takeaway was the 360 fashion camera. Minus a few lame typical poses (looking at you Hills chicks and Megan Fox – who should never been seen or heard from again) – some people really had a lot of fun with it. It’s also great to see these celebrities captured in a state of “wait, what is this thing??” to not seeing their best/dumb pose from the other side.


Other takeaways:

  • MTV makes me feel old – but that happened when I became too old to apply for “The Real World”
  • Watching part of the Hills finale made me paranoid about not having shinny lips.  WTF – no wonder articles like THIS (the pernicious pinkification of girls) exist.
  • I have no more words for MTV.

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