For Sale Round 1

by Meg on August 19, 2010

I’ve had a bag of electronics to sell and finally got around to digging into some of it.  Here are some of the items for sale!  If you’re interested, drop me a line: girl AT girlhack DOT com

  • -Wireless mighty mouse + wireless apple keyboard (previous gen) – – a girl and her mouse
  • -Wired previous Apple gen keyboard with USB extension cord – – a gift for you!
  • -Travel speakers – – BOOMBOX town
  • -Apple mac book pro power supplies (2) old connector style – – Power necklace!

The story of a little mighty mouse – and the wireless old school Apple keyboard.

Once there was a girl and mouse.

They would hang out, while the girl typed on the wireless keyboard.

Sometimes they would blow kisses.

But then the mouse took a big dump.

It was over.

$40 OBO – includes shipping

More pictures here!


I got you this gift!  It’s still in the plastic and I tied this USB extender bow on it!!

$20 OBO – includes shipping

More pictures here!


YO!  You know you want to be blastin’ “My backpack gots jets, I’m Bobba the Fett”

$20 OBO – includes shipping & comes with a case.  Battery powered, unless you get a universal power adapter

More pictures here!



I have two.  One has a long cord and one just has the 2 prong wall adapter.

$40 for cord

$35 w/out cord

More pictures here!

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