Geek Girl Con: Horror Films Spotlight with Michele

by Meg on August 18, 2011

Michele of Geek Girl Con talks Horror FIlmsIf you haven’t seen in the events section, the first ever Geek Girl Con is happening this fall in Seattle. I was so excited about even the idea of the upcoming event, that I reached out to the ladies running the event to do a series of interviews and find out what they are excited for!

My first chat is with Michele – a volunteer from California who drove 15 hours from Sacramento to Seattle for the first meeting. She ended up taking on the role of accounting manager and board treasurer. Things she is specifically excited for? Everything and anything horror! Check out the interview below and for more info!

GH: While reading your profile on, it sounded like you are pretty into a pretty specific geekdom (among many). Which one was it?

I am a movie nerd, specifically a horror movie nerd, which people look at me funny when I tell them I like horror movies. I’m like yes I have blond hair, blue eyes and I like to watch slasher films.

GH: How did you get into horror films?

Oh my gosh, I watched Poltergeist from behind my parent’s couch when I was 6 years old and I just loved being scared. I mean, I was 10 years old when I saw The Nightmare on Elm Street for the first time at a slumber party. When the slasher genre was real big in the 80’s, I latched on to them and I loved watching. My family and I would go to rent a video and I’d immediately go over to the horror section and try to see what there was that was new that I could watch, that my parents would allow me to rent.

GH: I can’t say I actually know a lot about horror films, where do you even begin?

If you’re new to the genre and you start off watching some of the really hard core films (like Hostel II or Human Centipede), you’re going to get turned off really fast because they can get pretty graphic and pretty intense. A better place to start is with one of the old time slasher films- Halloween, the original Friday the 13th, the original Nightmare on Elm Street. Those films are a good introduction to the basics of the genre. If you find that you like those, you should try the other old time horror movies, Dracula, Wolfman either the Hanna or the Universal, which are just awesome and there’s some movies you wouldn’t necessarily realize are horror movies cause horror is not just a slasher genre.

GH: Is there anything that fellow horror lady fans can look forward too at the convention?

Yes, there is as a matter of fact. We actually are going to have a women of horror panel and it is going to be hosted by Hannah Neurotica, whose founder of Ax Wound. There’s going to be a film presentation, a discussion of evolution of women in horror both on screen, off screen. Hanna is stepping beyond the screen queen tag as to where women are in the horror industry ether in print or on film both on and off camera.

GH: What else are you looking forward to about the upcoming convention?
I want to meet everybody! I want to see who else is coming. I want to meet all different people from all walks of life. Not just geeky women, but also geeky men who are coming to support and spread the word because that geek girls exist. I also want to see what happens and what comes out of all this. All of our volunteers, the staff members, the board members, have put in much blood, sweat, and tears for the past year. I want to finally see our baby be born and see what becomes of it, because I just have this feeling that if it’s just going to grow up in such a good way and I just can’t wait to see that.

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