Girlhack Intern Blog Post Week 5

by Meg on August 15, 2011

Yesterday was a fun and educational day at Girlhack! We started our day by reviewing the Girlhack website, watching the awesome interviews, and reading some really great articles. Feel free to go check out some of the pages and add to our comments! Next we worked on tagging some of the articles so that all you lovely readers can quickly find the Girlhack website using search engines. At this point, Meg gave us a quick lesson about the basic points of HTML. I found these pointers very interesting and now have a better idea about how people design web pages.
Later in the day, we focused more on films and editing. We watched some entertaining short clips created by friends of Meg and concluded that you don’t need dialogue to have a great film. Then we watched a few more documentary-style clips and discussed the idea of editing film. We learned that a lot of time and effort must be put into editing. It takes skill and patience to film all the footage then go back, re-watch it, delete what you don’t need, and put it back together in an order that is clear, concise, and compelling. After watching those films, we used Final Cut to play around with editing and see all the different effects you can use on films. Finally, Meg taught us a little bit about frame rate and how important it is to know what frame rate you’re using, because if you use the typical television FPS of 29.97, an overlap in the frames may occur, causing a distorted picture at times. Personally, I learned a lot about HTML, web design, and all the work that goes into film editing; another enjoyable day at Girlhack!


Basic HTML

Learning Frame Rates

Playing in Final Cut Pro

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