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by mara on July 21, 2011

Post by Mara

Week one had come and gone, and we interns were psyched to be back! Our day began with social media. We explored the ways brands and personalities interact with their costumers and audiences. Looking up a few popular stores and musicians, Meg showed us how each was marketed through the internet. Every site we looked at had a MySpace page, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or a YouTube channel. We spent time on Twitter to see exactly how each brand interacted with their costumers.Twitter is actually a great form of marketing and social media, and many big-name brands have an employee who works exclusively on the brand’s Twitter or Facebook interacting directly with its consumers. The same can be said with musicians and their social networking pages– conversing with their fans to boost popularity and image. Who knew such fun sites could be used as major social media tools? We then set to work on a simple task of assigning girlhack articles and videos thumbnails.
After a quick lunch break, it was time for Video Production. The interns set to work and applied our knowledge from week one’s session on setting up lighting equipment. After the green screen was up, and the lighting was perfect, Meg gave us a quick, impromptu lesson on applying makeup to make a camera-ready subject. (That’s the girly with the geeky) The interns were in for a great experience that afternoon, we had the opportunity to shoot a video for the site. We each received a role–director/camera-woman, assistant director, hair and makeup, sound, and lighting. After a few takes, the video was site-worthy and editing-ready. After cleaning up and discussing possibilities for future projects, it was time for us to go once again. All of us interns are excited to see what lies in store for next week’s meeting!

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