Girlhack Intern Blog Week 4

by murphy on August 8, 2011

A day in the life of a Girlhack Intern week 4:

This week at Girlhack the interns and I did a lot of work on computers. From the social media field to learning and talking about filming. The majority of the day was spent working on how we, the interns, were going to make and film our own projects for the website. After our lunch break we headed back to discuss what each of us wanted to do for our individual project ideas. Brainstorming was now in session! Many ideas came out; from hockey videos to How-to visit colleges. Eventually the day came to an end, but we all went home excited to start writing our scripts for the upcoming film day! Week 4, along with all the other weeks, was a major success and a lot of fun as well! So glad I am able to be a part of this and I cannot wait to find out what Meg has in store for us!



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