Girls of PAX 2011

by Meg on August 31, 2011

I didn’t get a whole lot of time to go looking for all the sweet girls dressed up, but here are the ones I DID find!  Not all the outfits are Video Game related, but they all rock!!


(Also, to the ladies I took pictures of – as I said, contact me at GIRL AT GIRLHACK DOT COM if you want me to add any other information for you!!)

Magic Foil Card Dress


Team Fortress 2 Dress



R2D2 Dress



Tron Quora Costume



Princess Peach Costume






Moogle from Final Fantasy



Firefly's Kaylee Costume w/ Jacket



Firefly's Kaylee Costume in jumpsuit


Dr. Who Dalek Dress


Chell with Companion Cube


Companion Cube Dress


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