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Growing Up Girlhack – Pocky & Rocky and Barbie Super Model (SNES)

by Rae on January 9, 2012

As a baby of the late ’80’s, I grew up around Atari and NES, but became a gamer girl when my parents indulged in a Super Nintendo console. Family nights focused around this exciting new entertainment system with its advanced graphics and simple controls. More importantly, SNES was more family oriented and unisex than its predecessors and I felt at ease playing Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time as much as Super Mario 2 – Yoshi’s Island. The system was revolutionary and opened the doors to young femme de girlhacks everywhere.

We owned two games featuring female main characters: Pocky & Rocky and Barbie Super Model. The casual YouTuber can find love for the former and unsurprisingly, plentiful hate for the latter by male reviewers online.

Pocky & Rocky has a rough story line centered around Japanese folklore. Rocky is actually a goblin, but his friends are under some type of curse. Pocky wants to help cure the goblins and is a girl with deadly nunchuck skills.

This side-scroll shooter game is best played with two players. The graphics are cultural, adorable, and interesting. The gameplay controls are easy to learn. However, an unbelievable amount of enemies attack players from all sides. Many friends (from video game newbies to serious vets) loved the game, but caved and used cheating codes to get through the first few stages.

Pocky is a strong female character with a cute sidekick and the game holds enough mystery and difficulty to engage players of all skill sets.
Four out of five ninja stars.

Barbie Super Model was a turn-based game that allowed little girls to fulfill their runway dreams. Players helped Barbie work her way through various stages by biking, rollerblading, and skiing around obstacles. Players also needed to make Barbie perform fashion show poses in a certain order as in the game Simon to advance. The game delighted younger fans who idolized their Barbie dolls, but wanted to play from a different angle. I enjoyed bonding with my younger sister through Barbie Super Model, but could no longer bear to play once I was introduced to Super Mario Bros. Can you blame me?

2.5 out of five ninja stars.

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