Happy Birthday Pac-Man

by Meg on May 21, 2010

The internet is a buzz today with the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man (wiki link)!

In fact, google.com has made up their logo today for you to be able to play the game on their homepage.

Yeah, I framed this.

My kids better be this cool.

I thought I would share the Atari PacMan game I got at PAX last year (for $4 too!) and framed for my geek wall.

PacMan was the first video game I ever played – and I played it in diapers.  It’s forever been my favorite arcade game and I think it’s a testament to reinforcing game developers to remember the “replay” factor when creating a game.  I think I’ve at least purchased this game four times in my life and played it on everything from phones, game consoles, handhelds, PC’s and arcades.

I leave you with my favorite “jackass” take on PacMan IRL.

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