Health Month: Improvement tracking as a game!

by kristen on August 4, 2011

At its core, Health Month is a site dedicated to helping you make small, incremental monthly changes to your life to improve your health. At the beginning of the month (really you can join in at any time), you commit to a small set of rules for that month. They can be a combination of “do’s” and “don’ts” and end up in the form: I will/will not do x for y days of the week. Each day, you check in and log how well you did that day towards your commitments. If that day you successfully followed them all, you get a piece of fruit and no life is lost. If you falter, you do not get a piece of fruit and you lose a life. When you’ve lost a life, you can ask others for help – stating your case as to why you missed a day or gave in to your cravings. Others can then see your plea, and offer up their fruit to heal you. Every month the game resets and you start out with a clean slate.

The great part of Health Month is really the game they’ve built into the tracking. It allows a player to easily see how well they’re doing (life points and fruit) yet allows for the occasional mistake by offering community healing. Not only that, it gives you the feeling that you’re not in this alone and that there is a community of people that is going through the same thing and will help you out when needed.

I’ve successfully completed one month and already have noticed the changes. I don’t need to rollover the majority of last month’s commitments because they’ve already become an integral part of my daily routine. All in all, Health Month is a great way to make a big difference by committing to small changes and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their health.

You can follow me on Health Month here!

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