Heather Knight & her MarilynMonrobot dancing Robot

by Meg on December 7, 2011

In the event I might actually get to meet Heather Knight someday, I’m going to save a bit of face from some of the absolute gushing I would love to do right now. I discovered Heather Knight last night while doing my late night news browsing on my iPad. Her interview with CNN’s next is one where she is incredibly poised and displays her intelligence in the most fun and girly way one can. It’s just great to see another great lady out there being fun and smart at the same time. Either way, check out her the very cool and fabulous robot projects she is working on. It would be amazing to get her robot to play Dance Central… as the robot you can unlock. 😉

Also, I’m not sure Bender could resist her creations, despite his shiny metal… Check out MarilynMonrobot.com !

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