How I did my zombie outfit and natural zombie makeup

by Meg on October 24, 2011

On Friday I posted a bunch of links to how to do Zombie makeup and SFX since I was going to a Zombie Walk.  Here is how I ended up doing my Zombie costume.



Since the event was going to take place outside in temperatures possibly as low as mid 40’s, I decided some sort of dress I could ruin over black leggings/long sleeve t-shirt would be best.  I found this dress for $7 on the H&M clearance rack.


The first step was distressing my dress.  The material was super thin and it wasn’t hard to run a sciccors through the dress at all.

I had this grand idea to stomp the dress in the mud and drag it over the rocks in the pond and then dry it as such.  Unfortunately, drying it with mud stains somehow got rid of them.  I ended up with just a few green dots and then just a HORRIBLE smell.  Not to mention, twigs and leaves were left behind in my dryer.


Then it was time for the blood!  I used just some regular Halloween costume store blood (Spirit) to drench and drip over the dress.  I used a hair dryer to get it dry as quickly as possible.



SFX Foundation

Before I put anything else on (besides cleaning my face), I started with a layer of liquid latex on the spots I was going to try to make open wounds.  I used the toilet paper method which goes as such: 1) liquid latex foundation 2) apply toilet paper and let mostly dry  3) add more liquid latex to cement in place and sort of pick at the TP for texture.  I was a total skeptic, but it worked quite well.



The day before zombie walk, I picked up both white Halloween store makeup as well as the lightest shade of normal makeup foundation I could find.  I did a test using both and found that the Halloween store makeup not only spread horribly, but made my skin itch like crazy.  The “Porcelain” shade of foundation however, spread much better and looked way more natural.  So, for the day of the Zombie walk, I clearly stuck to the normal makeup.  Once my “wounds” dried, I added foundation to them as well as much as the TP could take without ripping.  The other major thing of note I did here was to add foundation all around my neck and exposed shoulders/chest as well as my ears.

Shadowing / sunken look

I decided to just stick to my cosmetics instead of the store bought makeup for this.  I pretty much dug around whatever I had in my makeup drawer and ended up primarily using two bareMinerals eye shadows, a neutral palette, and the black from a random Maybelline or other drug store brand eyeshadow pack.  I focused on just doing contouring shadows and not going overboard.  AKA with my eyes, I only really tried to shade them below the eye instead of all around and make panda eyes.  I did a lot of streaks up and down my neck as well.  Everything was a black base and then I added in the other eye shadows and would correct somewhat with the neutral palette.  The key here is BLEND BLEND BLEND!! :)

Wounds / Blood

For the wounds I did a lot of dotting with the two eye shadows and topped it off with fake gel blood.  The blood I also streamed down my face and chin for a dramatic flair.


Again, just using things I had on hand, I dug for the deepest shade of red lipstick I had.  I chose to only do HALF of my lips to help complete the effect of the tried blood.  In the corner of my mouth I added the darkest red lip gloss color I had to add a little blood shine.

Sans bloody lips


End results!

I paired the dress with some ankle booties which helped me with that slow Zombie stumble walk to say the least. :)  You can see how me and my boyfriend came out (he used more of the Halloween store makeup except for the foundation after I convinced him).  I also added a wig for good measure.

We even made it in the local city paper!


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