How I finally used Google Wave – aka the online holiday shopping party

by Meg on December 26, 2009

I got my invite to Google Wave by an awesome #girlhack (Angie Chang – Web 2.0 lady extraordinaire) back in October.  However, I logged in that day and saw that about two of my other friends were “wavers” and promptly closed it and forgot.  (Note to Google – could you send my gmail a notice I have a wave??) Time did it’s thing and by early December I found I had more “wavers” to reach out to.  My roommate’s “wave” between him, myself, and a good friend pulled me back into trying to think of good way(v)es (HA – I’m hilarious) to use it.  (This wave pictured over there and there).

As this was early December, I knew myself and a couple of my friends had some online shopping to do.  Why not pool together to help figure out what all of our “mothers, brothers, sisters, and your friends” really wanted this holiday season.  Why not have everyone over to watch a Christmas movie and wave together while we shopped?  Surely with four of us in the same room and our internet search powers funneled by the “wave” (+funny for me again) of the future, we would net the cheapest and best presents ever.  Right?

It turned mostly into interactive commentary to backup the chit chat in the room. 

Chit chat in the room about such things as the state of the once rising star of Home Alone.

A random divergion to rediculously expensive mascot costumes online, but reigning it back in to dicuss pitcher options for a friend’s mom.


Plus, testing the limits and fuctions of Google Wave by poinint out its weird faults and having a vote about nothing.

Overall, I thought Google Wave was fun to add into the mix of online shopping together while munching on gingerbread cookies and watching Home Alone.  All I can see is that it’s a glorified chat room that allows for easier media links and a more interesting way to archive the entire chat.  I could see using it to work on projects together if both parties were remote as well.  Until that happens, I guess I’ll wait until next December for an online holiday shopping Google Wave party.

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