How to Do: Galaxy Nails

by Meg on November 28, 2011


Guest post By Ariana Ferrone

Let’s get real – there aren’t many things cooler than learning about space. Star nurseries, nebulas, supernovae… the universe is totally awesome. I look up pictures of galaxies, not cats, when I’m dorking out online.

I found a fantastic way to express how much I love space on various nail art blogs – galaxy nails. There are lots of variations of this tutorial, but this is how I did it.

I’ll list the brands I used for this manicure, but essentially, you need:


  • 2 dark polishes – navy blue, purple, or black
  • 3 accent polishes – deep reds, deep greens, and lighter purples
  • 2 light polishes – light blue, yellow, whites or off-whites
  • 1 glitter polish
  • Base and Top Coat
  • Small makeup sponges


1)   After applying your base coat and letting it dry, apply two coats of your primary dark polish. I used Gosh (601) Fairytale. Before it dries completely, blot the centre of your nail with a small sponge. Try and make the shape slightly oval and allow yourself to make each shape original.

2)   Using your secondary dark polish, apply some accent colour around the edge of the blotted section and draw it upwards to your cuticles. You can sponge the edges around here too. The colour I used here was Nicole by OPI’s Show You Care.

3)   This is where you can freestyle it. Using your accent polishes, create swirls of cosmic dust all over the blotted area and its edges. Remember, you’re trying to make a galaxy here. I used a blend of iridescent green, pink, and purple: Nicole by OPI’s Iceberg Lotus, Change the World, and Virtuous Violet.

4)   Finally, use your light colours to highlight the centre of your galaxies. I used an opalescent off-white, OPI’s A Princess, You’re Not!

5)   For the finishing touch, apply one coat of glitter nail polish to give the appearance of stars. Sally Hansen’s Strobe Light worked well for me! Follow up with a top coat.

This is a fun way to show off your nail-painting skills and your love of all things galactic. It only takes 15 minutes to complete this manicure and the results are just phenomenal! (Did you think I was gonna say out of this world?) Rock it, ladies.


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