How to Interpret Dreams

by murphy on August 27, 2011

Murphy was one of the Girlhack Summer interns. This was her final project!

Interpreting Dreams

Recently, after having a crazy dream, I decided to really look into how people and how I myself can try to interpret dreams. At first I didn’t know where to begin so easy enough I typed ‘interpreting dreams’ in the google search engine and all sorts of different websites and tips came up. I looked through a series of different websites and read many articles on how some people make a profession of interpretation of different things. But, there was one thing I was specifically looking for; how I can interpret my own dreams.  The website I found the most helpful was because it sorted everything out into steps.  The following steps are how that specific website chose to demonstrate how to go about interpreting your dreams.

1. Consider why it is worth interpreting your dreams before proceeding

Dreams can help you in many more ways than one.

                  2. Learn how to remember your dreams

There a few things you can do to train yourself to remember your dreams.

                  3. Begin interpreting with the right frame of mind

Some answers to questions you have about your dream can be a discourage, but keep working on it.

                  4. Look for the obvious

Try putting your dream into your literal life, and see if there are any “matching” areas.

                  5. Look for the representations of your feelings and emotions

After the dream how did you feel?

                  6. Look for deeper meanings if needed

Looking for key images that stand out in your dream can lead you to figuring out its deeper meanings.

                  7. Practice honesty

Be honest about your emotions and feelings when trying to interpret.

                  8. Consider some possible dream scenarios

                  9. Know when your dream interpretation is correct

                  10. Keep in mind, dreams are a subjective thing; murky at best, but always entertaining

To further look into interpreting your dreams I highly recommend the article “How to Interpret your Dreams” at  The article goes into further depth with everything I recently stated above. After learning more about dreams and how they work, I decided to try it on my own and so far I think I’ve definitely been getting the hang of it! Interpreting isn’t just fun it’s also interesting and insightful! I love it!

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