How to repair broken glass on your iPhone 3GS for $5

by Meg on September 6, 2011

I though it would never happen to me, but then one day getting out of my car juggling a handful of things, my phone dropped about 2 feet to the pavement and smashed all the glass.  I’ve had no desire to update to the iPhone4 as the iPhone5 is SO CLOSE (I hope), so I decided to investigate fixing my own glass.

I did a search on Amazon for “iphone 3gs glass” and came up with this $5 solution.  I have Amazon Prime so I didn’t pay shipping :)

Upon getting the kit, it didn’t have any instructions – however, a friend suggested this YouTube Video from a few years ago.

YouTube Preview Image

Sometimes it’s nice to just have the pictures for each step instead of reloading a YouTube Video 1000 times and then needing to restart your browser because YouTube has gone whack.  :)  So, here are my step by step pictures meant to go along with the video.

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