How to wrap gift cards – two methods.

by Meg on December 19, 2011

In just my immediate family, I have my parents, three sisters, one brother, one brother-in-law, one sister-in-law, two nieces, and three nephews.  It’s a lot of people to shop for during Christmas!  Sometimes I get really personalized gifts, other years I go for the easy gift card route.  (SPOILER: If you’re my immediate family and reading this, you’re getting a gift card this year.)

With my nieces and nephews, who lets face it, need all the aunts/uncles they can count on for money each year, I sometimes pick out individual Christmas cards to mail with the warning, “DO NOT OPEN TILL X-MAS :)”  This year, I decided to attempt to wrap tiny pieces of flat plastic.  The results came out a lot better than expected.



Going to my favorite, almost daily destination, Target, I picked up my wrapping goodies from the dollar discount area at the entrance.  $1 for green round ornaments, $1 for wrapping paper, $3 for 12 gift tags (I went for a simple look), and $2.50 for a large red ribbon bow that I had in mind to break down and use the individual strands separately.

Method #1 – Elongated Card

I used this method for the iTunes gift cards I picked up.  Since you have a bit more space with a longer card, it’s easier to mimic a traditional wrapping style for something like a shirt box.

You’ll want to cut a piece that will wrap and cover the width of the card and overlap a bit.

When it’s folded over and taped, I cut out a bit of what will become the inside of the end fold up.  This is because the card is flat and with that much paper in a tiny space, you can end up with paper not laying as flat as you want it to.

Fold up corners and fold down the long part so it looks more neat when fold the whole edge over.

This is what happens if you DON’T cut that excess out (left) vs cutting it out (right).

Next I took some of the ribbon to thread through the tiny ornaments.  Now, these things are pretty cheap and so if you don’t have enough clearance to get the ribbon through the top part, you can bend the plastic to make it fit.  Use a pen.


Method #2 – Envelope Wrapping Method

For this method, while the card is not a square, there is a lot less real estate to work with.  I decided the best method for this would be to create a faux envelope.  I also decided that making a faux envelope would be good for wrapping a normal letter sized envelope.  While it is bigger than either of the gift cards, it’s pretty flimsy and would be hard to make corners like I did with Method #1.


First, take the gift card and cut a piece of paper that’s twice the the length of the width, and about .25″ – .33″ on either side of the card.

Gift Card


Fold up the sides and slide the card/envelop to the middle.

Gift Card

Fold up one side that will become the bottom.  Take the top half and fold down the very top a few cm down to help create a clean look for when fold the rest of the top down.

Gift card – Fold bottom up.

Gift card – Fold top few cm of top half down.

Gift card – Fold everything over.

Envelope – fold bottom up and top few cm of top half.

Envelope – Fold top part down.

Finally, decorate!



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