I made your mani/pedi possible, Love, Tippi Hedren

by Meg on August 2, 2011

Tippie Hedron and Vietnamse Nail SalonsEvery now and then I go to CNN to see if there is a recap video of some current even that day that might have sparked my interest. I also tend do let the CNN video player keep cycling through videos so I can hear the random Jeanne Moos segment. This video below about Tippie Hedron (who starred in Birds and if you haven’t seen it, go get it now!!), caught my ear. This women is responsible for the multitude of Vietnamese Nail Salons that are everywhere in this country.  One stat states that “80% of nail salons in California are Vietnamese, and 43% are Vietnamese nationwide.”

How did it happen?
During the Vietnam war, Tippi Hedren reached out to a group of women refugees who fled during the Vietnam war. The women had ended up in a tent city near Sacramento at the time. Hedron realized the women were skilled with their hands and also enamored with her nails in the movie Birds. “Why not teach them how to do nails?” she thought. Tippi Hedren started flying in her manicurist to teach them women and the rest is history.

This story warms my heart as it’s a fantastic example of women helping empower other women. Also, it’s just kind of funny.

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