I threw knives, judged Arabian horse riders, and had armor named after me.

by Meg on August 25, 2011

This past Saturday, I went to the opening weekend for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and it was my first time back in 18 years.  If you know me at all, and the fact I’ve been now going to Comic-Con and PAX consistently over the past few years, how could I be missing any Ren Fair once a year in any city I happened to be living in?  However, I more than made up for so many years of absence with my litany of activities.

First, many things were thrown.

I went to all the “throwing booths”.  What things did I throw?  Darts (BIG ONES) to pop balloons, THROWING!! KNIVES!!, softballs to dunk a wench, and tomatoes at the jester who insults you as you throw them.  I. LOVE. THROWING. THINGS.  I played softball for years and all of my competitive nature comes out at little booths like these.

By far the best was trying the throwing knives for the first time.  Like every guy at every booth I walked up to, he severely under estimated my ability.  I throw hard.  My first round of three knives did not result in any sticking, but I was still making pieces of wood fly off.  The dude was like, well damn, okay, let’s work on some technique.  With a bit of guidance I went for a second round and got 5/10 to stick.  I found some “hair sticks” that double as throwing weapons.  Watch out if I buy them.

Second, I judged Arabian horses like a boss.

Okay, like a boss is questionable, but it was still fun!  My friend and I decided to take a load off and watch the horse show going on.  The women riding were dressed “Arabian” (read, Minnesota’s version of Arabian) and trotting around.  Suddenly the guy announcing asked for a volunteer.  I had NO idea what was going on as I had only been there about three minutes, but I raised my hand fast and got called on fast.  He had me come into the center of the ring were he told the women to do different trots with their horses.  He told me what to look for in both the rider and the horse.  They let me keep the random ribbon after.  :)

Third, and most important, I have chest armor named after me.

I had been thinking for a while I’d like some sort of wench outfit for ren fairs and the like.  I browsed through most of the shops and even tried on a few “PUSH ALL BOOBS TO YOUR NOSE” corsets.  Then, walking to throw tomatoes at the jester, I saw this beautiful leather chest piece from Stronghold Leather I am a total sucker for white and white that looks bad ass.  Screw being a wench at ren fairs, why not go as a warrior princess or rogue??  On my first visit to the shop I asked what the piece was called in case I wanted to email them in the future or look on their website to buy it later.  The owner told me it didn’t actually have a name yet and that it would get named after whoever bought the first one.

I spent the next two hours coming up with any possible reason why I should buy this gorgeous piece.  I finally realized I could sell this Louis Vuitton bag I have, that sits in closet that I got off of eBay a year ago.  That would cover the price and then some.  So, I dragged my companion back with me to try it on ONE more time.  I then tried on the matching bracers and a headpiece.  Impulse engines were at full blast and I decided to buy it.

I informed them that I use my middle name, Wyche, as my WoW Rogue’s name and if there were going to use a name from me, they should use that one.  We threw out the “White Wyche” (which I think I’ll still use) – but they are now calling it the Wyche Cut.  Check out Stronghold Leather’s facebook.  They have so many more awesome items!  I am totally getting bracers at some point, but want to plan the rest of the outfit first.  The picture is with me and the owner!

Best Ren Fair time ever!

p.s. Mead is awesome

p.p.s. Had some great company with me – even if it did result in a minor concussion that day.

p.p.p.s. I want ALL the bracers below – almost bought the pink ones in the first image.


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