Intern Blog Week 1: Meet the Girlhack Interns!

by Meg on July 14, 2011

How it started:

One of the obstacles for me relocating back to Minnesota was having skilled video people at the ready to help me shoot!  My cousin was a huge help in LA, but when I posted to the Minnesota Craigslist I didn’t get any responses.  Passing by my old high school, I thought it might be neat to reach out and teach high school girls some of the skills I started learning at their age.  With the permission of Convent of the Visitation (the only all girls school in Minnesota), I got to come and pitch my idea for a summer internship with the students at one of the very last student assemblies.  I hoped I would maybe get one or two girls interested and much to my delight, I had quite a few who emailed and talked to me.  I didn’t want to turn anyone away and so I made it work for as many girls as possible and I’m happy to introduce the awesome five ladies who are helping this summer!

Internship details:

Once a week I meet with the girls for two sessions.  In the morning, we focus on the Internet, social media, and learning Word Press.  We’ve talked about how brands use social media to reach their fans and interact, as well as how important it is to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  In fact, I have them to thank for helping me in a HUGE way of going back and adding SEO to older posts.

In the afternoons we learn about video production.  Thankfully we are in a small studio space at a cable access station and so the girls get some experience being in a studio space.  They learn about how to setup for audio, lights, green screen, and setting up camera angles.  Each should have their own video by the end of the summer!

Each one is taking a turn blogging about one of our weekly meetings, so make sure to look for the posts!

The girls – Why did they want to be part of Girlhack?

I joined Girlhack because I thought that it would be fun to film with other Vis girls and increase my social media activity.


First of all, I wanted to join Girlhack in order to learn more about social media and learning how interact with an audience. I am also very into art, and viewed the film making part of the internship as an opportunity to expand my artistic horizons.

Immediately after hearing the opportunity for Girlhack at assembly I became interested.  The idea of learning more about video production and social media was something I knew I wanted to be apart of.

I was immediately interested in Girlhack because it sounded like a fun way to spend some of my summer, and it also sounded interesting. I’m so glad I could be a part of it!


I’ve always loved films and computer technology; this seemed like the perfect way to learn about both subjects and have fun at the same time!





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