JPL Open House – Part 2

by Meg on May 22, 2010

As stated in the first part, I went to the JPL open house this past weekend.  I have a few more photos to share from the amazing experience and the testing facility that replicates space!  First, some more photos form just “around” campus.

An excellent warning... for space.

A place to recycle all my extra titanium? Yes, please.

A place to recycle all my extra titanium???!

Then, there was the 25ft Space Simulator building.

Space! Here on Earth.

This place recreates space on Earth!

This building houses an enclosed area to recreate “space conditions” for testing equipment.  The room is able to suck out all the oxygen/gasses in the air (as space has no real atmosphere) and then they can simulate the extreme temperature conditions, while testing all the electronic equipment.  If the equipment passes, it can shuttle (har har) its way to the Kennedy Space Center!  However, my guide informed me that about 70% of equipment does not pass due to the fact that JPL engineers like to push the limits.

Page 1 info about 25ft Space Simulator

Page 1 info about 25ft Space Simulator

Page 2 info about 25ft Space Simulator

Page 2 info about 25ft Space Simulator

Countdown in 10...

Countdown in 10...

Another really cool thing about this building is that it is almost 50 years old and they still use the same displays to get readings – with modern computers behind them.  Super cool and a few of these pictures are my desktop backgrounds!

Okay, so there is one "new" monitor in there.

Control room "flower" design?

Would the engineers of then prefer the design of terminals like an iMac

And for my last two images of my time at JPL I leave you with what it looked like to look up into the mirror and the United States flag hanging in the bay.

Look up at the mirror.

I hope for a future with the US and Space.

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