Just Make it Work: How to change your Desktop Image

by Meg on February 7, 2011

Just make it work is a series of articles aimed at helping women embrace technology to make their life easier!  Tech for non-tech girls by girls.

Just Make It Work!  How to change your Desktop Image.

Last week I talked about how to find your screen resolution.  This week, I want to show you how to change your desktop image (or wallpaper or background) using that knowledge!  It’s so much more fun to make your computer personalized!  There are a couple of ways you can approach finding a new desktop image.

1) Photos from the Internet

A) A good way to start is to do a search for your exact screen resolution size.  For this example, I will pretend my screen resolution is 1280×720.  Simple do a Google search for “(resolution) desktop” and you should get a couple of websites that come up that specialize in desktops.  Most are fee, but you usually have to endure a small watermark on your picture.

Tip: For something fun and different, search for calender desktop backgrounds and change it out every month!  Effective and personal.

I have a trip coming up to New Zealand and decided to amend my search to include New Zealand and clicked on one of the first links that had something about New Zealand.

As you can see, this website offers the picture in multiple resolution sizes!

B) Once you navigate to the image you want and have clicked on it so that it is the only thing in your browser window, right click the image to bring up a secondary menu. I have what the menus look like from various browsers below.
Internet Explorer:


Firefox – 2 Screens

Chrome – You must save the image first and then use your control panel to display it.

C) Simply select the option to make the current image your desktop image.  You are done!

2) Photos you have saved.

Often times, a lot of us have family photos or other special photos saved on our computer.
A) The first step is often times just locating where the photos are on your computer.  OSX and Windows offer ways to search for files, but it’s good to try and consistently keep your photos in one family of folders.  In fact, I might just write about that next week!
B) From here, like last week, you will want to navigate to your control panel.

Windows – When you navigate to your Control Panel, under “Appearances and Personalization” there is a direct link to “Change desktop background”  Click this!

Once the new window has opened, you will want to click on “Browse” to find the folder where your pictures are stored.

Then, once the folder is opened, the picture should display in the window!  Make sure to just adjust and size it properly that you do not stretch out the picture too much to fit your resolution.

Mac OSX – When you go to your System Preferences menu, click instead on “Desktop and Screen Saver”

Use the + button to browse to the folder where your photos are.

Your pictures should now appear in the main window!  Just like in Windows, make sure to just adjust and size it properly that you do not stretch out the picture too much to fit your resolution.

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