Just Make It Work! Uploading Photos on the Web

by Meg on October 18, 2010

Just make it work is a series of articles aimed at helping women embrace technology to make their life easier!  Tech for non-tech girls by girls.

Just Make It Work!

Uploading photos on the web.

While visiting with my brother’s family, my sister-in-law remarked that she had taken a lot of family photos she wanted to put on Facebook, but didn’t know how. She needed my niece to show her, but my niece often moved too fast to really explain to her mom what she was doing. Plus, they were not sure how big or small of a photo they needed to upload.

How does it work?

What you should understand: When you upload photos, you are simply telling the photo website where on your computer the files are stored and allowing the website to make copies to send to their website.

How do I make it work?

1. Locate where the photo files are on your computer. If you have special photo software, the photos are probably somewhere within the file folders of that program. If you are unsure, open up the program you use to manage your photos, highlight the photos you want to upload, and save or export them to a new folder on the desktop for easy access. This can be helpful if you plan to email the photos later.

2. Go to the website you want to use to upload them. If it is a photo website like flickr, snapfish, photobucket, once you login, there should be an option to “upload”. If it’s a site like Facebook, or some other user site where you want to upload a user profile picture, you will want to navigate to either a “photo” section or “user profile” section to edit.

3. When promoted, you should see a box similar to this:

Or, the website will simply open up a file folder window, for you to browse to upload your photos.

Sometimes, it will also let you select multiple photos at once.

4. Once your files are uploaded, you are then normally taken through a series of prompts to name your photos and put them in an album.

Pro-Tip: When to upload big photos and when to upload smaller photos.

Bigger Photos: Uploading full resolution (full-res) photos are good for when you are planning to print your photos and you are using a service like Kodak to send the prints to Target. Otherwise, for most people in normal day to day Internet usage, medium sized photos are better.
Medium/Smaller Photos: Medium and smaller sized photos are much better for being on the web or sending in emails to share with people. However, it can get taxing on email accounts to send photos a lot. This is where it is better to sign up for a service like Picasa or Flickr to keep sharing your photos! Make sure to restrict privacy settings if this is important to you.

Common Problem #1: When you upload your photos, they have weird jagged lines!

Explanation: This actually comes from the photo being a very large size or “high resolution” (aka high-res) and having to be compressed (or made smaller) down to a very tiny size.
Solution: Through your photo software, it can be a good idea to “Export” your photos in medium quality if you have larger photos. This should take the file size of a photo from a couple MBs to a few kbs. Smaller photos are faster to upload and will look better. However, make sure you preview your photos before you upload them! Tiny pictures that no one can see anything in are not any good either.

If you have more questions about photo uploading, send them to me at: girl at girlhack DOT com

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