Just Make it Work: Weather on the Road

by Meg on April 18, 2011

Just make it work is a series of articles aimed at helping women embrace technology to make their life easier!  Tech for non-tech girls by girls.

Just Make It Work! Weather on the Road


I’ve been a bit crazy lately with a temporary relocation for the next couple of months (or so I hope!)  Currently, I’m traversing the country by car and my mother reminded me that unlike LA, the rest of the country has weather.  Somewhere between Nevada and Colorado, I thought it would be great if there was a site that would tell you what the weather will be like on your journey!  Turns out, there is one!  http://www.wunderground.com/roadtrip/ Does just the trick!  You simply enter your starting points, date, and time and it will generate what sort of conditions you can expect!

I just wanted to pass this along as I continue my drive tomorrow.  More great things to come!  Bonus photo below that I took today in Utah and used Picplz iPhone app to modify.  (Original in color below)



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