Kiri of Geek Girl Con with upcoming highlights!

by Meg on September 23, 2011

Geek Girl Con is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited!  I was able to interview the PR Manager, Kiri Callaghan, a while back about her background and what she is excited for at the GGC!

Her profile on the Geek Girl Con tickles me to death and completely warrants the response, “Clever Girl”

“Kiri Callaghan was born on a station set in deep space where she was trained in the ways of the Jedi. Her training concluded when she joined a crew of smugglers piloting a Firefly class ship that tended to travel to new worlds and new civilizations. In her travels, she battled darkspawn, saved countless princesses, ruled kingdoms, acquired some phat lootz, and was pretty much in short, the ‘chosen one.’ She may also really just be obsessed with sci-fi, fantasy, books, and gaming, have a BFA in Theater from Cornish College of the Arts, and be doing contract work through CompuCom Systems for the Microsoft Corporation in real life. But that’s just a rumor, and you really shouldn’t listen to those.”

When I asked Kiri how she first knew she was a geek, she told me about when she invited a friend to come play video games with her in first grade.  Kiri, having grown up in a household with many computers, major Trekkies, and general geek culture, didn’t think anything of the question.  However, her friend gave her a confused look.  Kiri said, “It was the sudden realization of oh, maybe I’m a little different.”  Years later, that “difference” is what all the ladies have in common at GGC.

How did she get involved?
Kiri first heard about Geek Girl Con while attending PAX 2010 after a handout was given to her.  She decided to check out one of the beginning meetings and later found herself signing up for PR Assistant, but wound up as PR Manager, as the original had to step down.  It’s been a great experience for her growing with GGC and she represents many of the fellow women on staff of doing whatever it took (including getting a few books) to do Geek Girl Con justice.

How does she pitch Geek Gril Con as the PR Manager?
She likens the Con to that of a culture festival. “I’ve gone to many Celtic festivals due to my Irish heritage as a celebration, but I’m not trying to say I’m better than anyone else who is not Irish, like my very Scandinavian best friend.  It’s just one facet of myself I celebrate and it’s not like my friend would not be welcomed to attend the Celtic festival.  Girl Geek Con is simply doing the same thing of celebrating one particular facet of our lives.  Let’s come together and enjoy it!”

What are some of the panels she is excited to share?

  • Star Trek and Beyond panel with Chase Masterson Panel (Deep Space Nine) will be attending.  Kiri even got the very lucky privilege to interview her (which you can read here).
  • Ramona Pringle’s “Avatar Secrets to Real Life and Love”
  • Girls Make Games Too Panel
  • Very Special Dudes Panel (the “token male” panel)

You can keep up with Kiri on Twitter @kiricallaghan and also read her Monday columns at

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