L O S T noob marathon ACTIVATE!

by Meg on April 20, 2010

For the record, I will admit I was pretty down on L O S T at first.  I watched the pilot during college and because of two pilots (my dad and sister), I got all huffy that a plane could fly THAT off course.  I can suspend most of my beliefs for things in Hollywood, but somehow issues with flying used to be pretty off putting for me.  So, I walked away from the show.

Then over the years, the show got   All my sci-fi friends (and even a few who are not) said I should really watch it.  I also heard about how the show always gives you more questions than answers which I started to call the “L O S T blue balls.”  It was because of these L O S T blue balls, I figured I should wait until I could watch the whole series at once  (heard that it makes more sense this way).  With my previous job and such, time then became an issue of if I could start watching the series before the finale aired.

A few life changes later and finding out the series finale isn’t until near the end of May, I decided to make a run of it (as of last night).  My friend pointed out it would be 115 episodes in 33 days, approximately 2.5 episodes a day.

So like any good geek, I have decided to take the challenge.   A few people claim out there I can’t or should not multitask (after all, I do have a website to build up and such!), but I’m up for this!!

Putting a little tracker on the side so you can keep up with my progress and see my thoughts on the show!

Let me know of any good fan sites to check out for further reading and such.

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