Losing weight with the Internet and technology – iPhone Apps

by Meg on June 23, 2009

I am always looking for better ways to keep track of working out and eating right. I lead a fairly busy life and keep falling into the “no time to think about that stuff!” box. Also, I like being efficient for only one reason: more time to be lazy.

Right now, I’m using two iPhone apps to get myself kick started back into a healthy lifestyle.

Food: Lost it!
I didn’t even realize it was on commercials for a while, but it’s a well deserved placement. If you’re new or old to logging your food and keeping a gage on calorie intake, this is a really easy app to use! I have a big pet peeve on how food lists are organized and this one does it really well in the “search” area – listing things in some semblance of an order. I wasted $14 on another ap that had no discernible order and was incredibly frustrating.
Lose it! is overall seamless, mostly accurate (IMHO food journals are an indicator and not a bible), and FREE!

Download it here!

Exercise: CT5k (Couch to 5k)
By the same people who run (heh) http://www.c25k.com/, comes this awesome app. I’ve always wanted to be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes – but I HATE running and fumble about on a treadmill usually when I try (with joint pain to boost). I heard about the CT5K podcast and thought this would make a great start to get my body used to running. I glanced at their podcast and the accompany music list and turned quickly away. Whenever I try a high impact activity, I get music ADD/ADHD reaaaaaaaal bad. If I can’t flip to a new song as soon as I feel a dip in intensity, the work out becomes FAIL.
With the CT5k app, it allows me to play my own music and get the voiceover of when to run, walk, hit the halfway mark, and cool down. It will even publish your workouts to facebook if you want people to know how you’re doing!

So far, I’m on day 2 of the second week. I’ll be sure to check in at the end!

It’s $2.99 – but great.  Download it here!

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