Men Pinups and the ladies version of Hooters – Miles Container

by Meg on November 30, 2011

Just sharing a bit of when men sometimes get objectified, mostly because I think both are pretty funny.


The first one comes from Rion Sabean Photography (although I found them originally on Flickr).  Rion did a calender of his take on what men would be like if they were pinup girls.  My personal favorites are June and March.  You can buy the calender at his website! And check out his interview with Jezabel about the Men-Ups.

Miles Container

The second piece is about a restaurant in South Korea (aka Starcraft Korea), in which all the waiters are attractive young men.  Girls in their 20’s lineup to wait to go to the restaurant that is decorated as a construction site and receive a hard hat for their order number.  I read a few articles about it first at CNN & Yahoo and by their description of the restaurant being very “masculine”, I was surprised that when I found the video below, that the restaurant was very female oriented.


Mies Container from adrenalin 😐 Jinkyo Jung on Vimeo.

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