My baby radar just went “FRAK!” / some video

by Meg on January 27, 2009

Okay, late on Women in Tech Mondays and Shoes on Sale Tuesday… but damn.  My ovaries are tingling over the prospects of a future spawn being pushed around in this amazing stroller!  LINK I’ve NEVER wanted to buy anything for a “maybe future kid” (like I’ve known other females to do).  But wow… I know in a few years I’ll regret finding the space to store something crazy like this.


Anyhow, pushing past along female hormones going crazy, here is some video I shot for my friends who do The Totally Rad Show.  From time to time I get to film for them and was lucky enough last time to get to tag along to the prop warehouse where they were storing all the BSG props.


If you skip to about 17:00 in you can see the segment.  If you then also skip to the end of the show, they discuss what movie props they would have wanted, plus some more footage is in the credits.

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