Out of this World: NASA and Cosmic Discovery iOS Apps

by Rae on July 9, 2011

All the lovely women at Girlhack, myself included, are excited by Meg’s participation in NASA’s Tweetup event at the final space shuttle launch in Florida.

Space exploration in an attempt to understand our universe, and by extension, our existence on Earth continues to capture our imagination, hopes, and fears. Though we might not be able to blast off as astronauts, there are plenty of free apps dedicated to living the dream. Here are two highly recommended, personal favorites:



NASA. Oh, it’s simply named, easy to navigate, gorgeous, and packed with content.

Follow along with their current and archived missions, mark your calendar with NASA’s launch schedule events, view satellite and related photographs, watch videos, and find out when the best nights are to stargaze.


Official tweets and ‘NASA TV’ are also embedded features, making this a well-rounded app with the ability to share NASA news with fellow space cadets through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.


The American Museum of Natural History‘s Cosmic Discovery app. It is a clean cut, intuitive app that is more photographic and encyclopedic than interactive. Still, it’s a must-have visual reference tool on my iPod Touch, and it should be on yours as well.

The start-up image morphs into a mosaic photo album. Double-tap or manually expand the screen with your fingertips to enlarge the images- there are hundreds, if not thousands of them.

Stories are broken down by categories. Do you want to learn about comets, massive stars, neutrino bursts, and more? Here’s your resource.

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