Paint your furniture before you paint your furniture.

by Meg on January 11, 2012

I made a temporary move to St. Louis a few months ago and had no real desire to spend any money on furniture as my nice furniture is still sitting in storage in California and waiting for me.  Thankfully, my boyfriend and his family had quite a few pieces that I was able to borrow and use.  Included in that lot was a dresser and two bed side tables that really had no claim by anyone in the family, AKA pieces of furniture free for the painting and changing.

I’ve never actually painted furniture before, but it’s always seemed like a low key “home improvement” project for those of us who still rent apartments.  I wasn’t really sure what colors I wanted to paint it or how it might look.  This is when I got the bright idea to paint the dresser in Photoshop before actually investing the time or money in an unknown area.

My first step was taking a level picture of the dresser.  My first picture was uneven and it made it difficult to use.

Next, I separated all of the different surfaces that I thought I could paint. I created a new layer for each of these surfaces and grouped them together depending on how they related.  I alternated between shades of blue and white to help make them stand out.

At this point, I was able to hide the dresser all the way and see the surfaces at once glance.

Using the Blending Options for each layer, I took advantage of the Multiply effect to let the wood show through.  While it’s not a total representation of how the dresser might look after it is painted, the above and below pictures help represent the range of what the actual outcome might be.

At this point, I thought it might be cool to use stencils to create patterns on the dresser.  I found some cool ones from Royal Design Studio that I was able to test out!

I have yet to actually paint the dresser, but I definitely have a new method for doing my homework before taking on any new design project!

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