PAX 2010 Recap!

by Meg on September 6, 2010

Much cheering to another PAX (main) in the can!  This was my third year tagging along with The Totally Rad Show as camera girl/kid sister/mom/official fan picture taker (1,2, SE-GA!) Even though PAX Main continues to grow a tiny bit bigger each year (holy more showroom floor!) the spirit of PAX remains the same, making it by far my favorite convention.  Comicon I could skip, but PAX is a must.  Everyone from the vendors, fans attending, and official PAX crew (Enforcers)  have such a great attitude and love for gaming.  Everyone wants to just game, talk about gaming, and do more gaming – all the good of the gaming world without the bad… minus Duke Nukem ;p

Here are some of the highlights:

-DnD Red Box picture with TRS PAX crew!!  Dougie is in the front – the awesome guy that lets TRS (& me) get to PAX!!!!

-My first panel!
I sat on my first panel for Raid Warning!  Some of my old WoW raiding buddies run the Raid Warning podcast.  I came to support last minute, but ended up on stage shooting the shit about WoW news (hello CC again!) and drinking their beer.  I also handed out prizes to the audience members.  Thanks again Seven & crew.

PopCap had zombies out in full force for Plants Vs Zombies – mostly by cones for your head.  I snatched one up, as seen in the picture below.  I also got a walnut tattoo – skipped the zombie face paint.  They had this guy dressed up as one of the zombies too handing out headshots – he talked like a crazy zombie too.  Loved it.  Braaaaaains.

-Table top games!
LOVE that the people I go to PAX with also love table top games.  It was at PAX two years ago I played my first game of DnD!  I decided that it was only appropriate that I buy my first set of dice at PAX as I think I have some more DnD in my immediate future.

We also got some limited time to sit down and try a few other games.  One being Traitor! – which is more or less a smaller card based version of the campfire game Mafia.

We also did this tabletop train game (Ticket to Ride) where you have to connect your color trains between different cities across the US.  I lost by 2 to Jeff :(

Alex also ended up picking up the Back to the Future Card game that had just come out this last weekend, for Dan.  We played some of that last night in the hotel room – and if you’re a fan of the movie you TOTALLY need to get this game.  Amazing movie references and also really fun game play.  Dan made the mistake of tweeting about what cards he had =p

-General Floor
I got hands on with Tera and Duke Nukem – mostly because TRS had appointments to see the games.  Tera was pretty fun! They set us up to do an instance with the guide healing.  I played tank (weird) – but also got to do it on an Xbox controller OR keyboard.  Considering I have a rather unique way I platy MMO’s, I went for the controller.  The game was really pretty and the instance as a whole was really fun.  We even won hoodies :)

Duke Nukem – meh.  Nuff said.

I also got a bit of time with some other indie games, but sadly didn’t grab cards or remember names.

There was also this sweet 2 person arcade style Castle Crashers machine setup!

-Matching shirts!!
It turned into a thing with the guys to find all the other people wearing the same shirt I had on.  I’m kind of sad I only took one picture – but my Girl Gamer shirt, space invader school shirt, mega man shirt where out in full force!  I also got this cute gameboy shirt from !  It included a cute bag and pin too :)

At the end of every PAX, they have the final game for the Omegathon.  The Omegathon being different attendees pitted against each other to compete in a series of 10 games to win tickets to the Japanese version of E3 in Japan!  It always opens with “The Final Countdown” and Tyco and Gabe come out and say some closing remarks.  Two years ago it was Excite Bike on the NES, last year it was skeeball, and this year it was THE CLAW!  They two guys got about 7 tries each to see how many stuffed video game related animals they could get.  I love love the Omegathon.  It really feels like you and 2000 of your friends are on the couch cheering on your buddy to win. I can’t imagine a better ending to anything.  One of the guys had mad claw skills and got 4 animals out of the machine!  Who does that??

-That game from “Inglorious Basterds”
Sunday evening for the last two years, the TRS PAX crew grabs food with David Ellis (formally of – now Xbox man) and play that game.  I have a few pictures from the evening, as well ACTUAL real working HALO 2600 Atari Cartridge.  David has promised to help me out with FPS gaming ;p

Until next year PAX (unless I do PAX East…)  I love you PAX!!

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