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Pressing Pause with Girlhack…

by Meg on March 28, 2012

In the last year, I made every effort to take from a hobby website into a branded website and community.  Okay, maybe not every effort, but a much more focused one than I had made in the past.  I recruited lovely volunteer writers and I even had a summer intern session.  Traffic to the site has continued to pick up like I had hoped, with visitors making their way to both new and old content.  However, the trip I took to New Zealand was one of those incredible life changing events that puts a lot of things in perspective.  In many ways for me, it was the final chapter of the first third of my life.  I left New Zealand feeling more refreshed and focused than I have been in years.  I also left New Zealand with a much better sense of not wanting to keep spreading myself too thin.  New Zealand also underlined that I need to trust my instincts, take care of myself, and prepare to take new steps in my life.

Okay, so where does that leave Girlhack?  Honestly, I don’t know.  I continue to have the utmost respect for any group that helps encourage geeky women.  I also still like to share things I find online that I think appeal to the Girlhack followers.  I still like having a space where I can share opinions on being geeky and girly, and highlight women who I think we can all learn from.  However, I miss having creative energy for other areas of my life.  I also don’t want to do Girlhack because I feel guilty.  It’s possible I’m in a dry spell but also possible that I’ve spread myself too thin.

Since my NZ tip, I’ve also been on the hunt for a full time job with my other love, the digital video industry.  It continues to be a Wild West of opportunities, growth, and I think it’s only going to get more exciting.  There is this part of me also feeling like maybe it’s time to go back into a tech job and live the example I talk about, instead of just talking about it.  I want to continue to make it easier for all women in any tech job and part of that is for some of us women to be in leadership positions and available to mentor younger women.

I’ve been thinking about stopping since January 1st, but I didn’t have the words to do it until now.  I also didn’t have the courage to fully shut it down and I still don’t.  For a few months, I’m going to press pause on new daily content for  I will still post to Twitter and Pinterest, and the site will remain live until I can search my heart and know how to continue my mission to help geek women.

1-UPs & shoe sales,

Meg aka Girlhack

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