Send a message to friends after you die.

by Meg on January 25, 2012

Would you send videos or messages to friends and family after you die? How would you do it?  All morbidness aside, the “if i die” Facebook app aims to help you with making that wish possible.  Should you die, you must have at least three of your trustees (friends you ask) verify that you’ve died.  Once they have done this, your messages will be released in the order and dates that you have defined.  For example, you could have a message go out every year on your Birthday.

I signed up for the service and asked a few friends to be trustees, but every time I think about composing a “from the grave message”, it ends up just seeming so silly.  Why?  Probably because I don’t anticipate dieing anytime soon.  I’ll probably get on this sort of thing whenever I actually make a will and who knows when that will be.  I can see this service being useful for terminally ill friends and family.  I think that that when people feel like their life is being taken from them, they are happy when they get to have power over something.  The if i die app seems like it can help fulfill that need.

Will you use it and sign up?

Check out the app here!

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