Seven Summertime Auto Myths Debunked from Popular Mechanic

by Meg on June 12, 2009

Okay, I have to probably agree with one of the digg commenters on this – this article is probably more for “chicks.” Regardless, one of my goals with girlhack IS to learn more about cars. This was all pretty interesting to me – some of them I had no idea!

Article summed up below – but be sure to read the full thing at Popular Mechanics**!

  1. “Does turning the heat on really help cool an engine?” Yes.
  2. “Does the summertime require thicker oil?” Yes**
  3. “What kind of coolant or mix of coolant is appropriate for summer?” 50-50 of coolant and water.
  4. Is it better to buy gasoline in the morning when the fuel is cooler? Later in the day, as the gas warms up and expands don’t you get less gas for your money? Lies (they just said “wrong” in the article.
  5. “Does it really use less fuel to drive with the air conditioning on than to drive with the windows open?” Eh, sorta**
  6. “Can you save a few bucks by using older tires with less tread during the summer, when snow tires are unnecessary?” If you want to risk bad tires in rain or wet roads, sure!**
  7. “Is it a bad idea to hide from a storm in a car because the metal frame will attract lightning?” “Not Really” as they said.

**Read the article for the full scoop!

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