Something Geeky Somthing Girly: Kid Mario Halloween Costumes and Types of Dresses

by Meg on August 25, 2010

Something Geeky

Kid Mario Halloween Costumes

I am currently helping watch a friend’s dog and house and they happen to have little kids.  I saw a costume magazine poking out from some mail and probably would not have given it a second thought if it wasn’t for seeing that kids on the cover were dressed as MARIO!  What the what?  Yes, Mario is still live and well to the young kids of today, but I’m pretty sure some genius at this costume place decided to prey on parent’s nostalgia and make these costumes.  I enjoy that they at least include bellies for Mario and Luigi.

Check out that Toad!

I have also included the Star Wars spread for good measure and the most ridiculous toddler costume. P.S. WHY ARE THESE THINGS OUT IN AUGUST?  And why does the website ( already have sales??

Something Girly

Types of Dresses!

I recently just purchased my first “maxi” dress – except I didn’t know that was what kind of dress it was until I showed a friend who said, “oh! I’ve been wanting to get a maxi dress!”  Clearly a hole in my girl knowledge.  So here, I present the different types of dresses that you’re most likely to come across these days!

The Maxi Dress – Just a long dress that is ankle or floor length – usually form fitting.

The Jumper Dress – A dress made to be worn over a shirt or something else.  I have one now I and feel like I’m 4 when I wear it.

The Surplice Dress – Seeming similar to the “wrap dress” – this dress is defined by the v-neckline being formed by two pieces of fabric overlapping to make the v-neck

The Wrap Dress – The dress that I think formed out of people liking to wear bathrobes – but it is a dress that wraps around your body and has this sewn on belt that you have to jam through a tiny hole one side of the dress to then wrap/tie around you to make sure you don’t show everyone the goods.

The Shirt Dress – I think this can just also be called the Gap/BR/J-Crew/Brooks Brothers/Ralph Loren dress?  It’s a longer than normal button down shirt…dress.  You tie something around your waist with this to add curve and give yourself shape.  The end. (Okay, so I DO like them, but they’re preppy as all hell).

The Sundress – Light, airy, worn in the summer or when it’s hot as hell.

The Sheath Dress – No waistline  and fits like a glove.

The Shift Dress – It’s basically the sheath dress with no waistline, but just not as form fitting.

The Tent Dress – Can’t say that this dress is typically referred to in a good way, but its style comes from the dress flaring out from the above the bust.

The Muumuu Dress – Okay, you might not wear one of these, but they do exist :)  A Hawaiian styled dress that I think is basically the Hawaiian version of the tent dress.

The Hoodie Dress – Or the grunge dress.  They’re pretty cute now, but I know the first one I owned was all black and worn with my Doc Martin boots.  😉

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